This is what I offer when I plan a corporate or private event:

- analysis and planning of the project (concept, budget quotation, mood and leitmotiv ideation, timing).

- selection of the best location and of the essential suppliers (catering, musicians, stagers, DJ, light designers, printers, etc).

- development of the overall project: finalizations of the quotes of the single suppliers who I then carefully follow and check in order to guarantee the high quality standards attended by the clients.

- harmonization of the suppliers and analysis of the best timing of every phase of the project.

- support and one-to-one assistance for the client following every step of the event.

- staging and direction of the event: production plans, hostess service and full time presence during the whole event.

- follow up at the end of the event and budget finalization.

- administrative management (quotes, invoices, suppliers, payments).

The final goal is a happy marriage between supply and demand, fulfilling your desires in a fast, easy, transparent and effective way. Because what we both want is a perfect and unforgettable event.

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