I was born in Milan. I took my Master’s Degree in Law and have over 15 years experience in events’ organization, in Italy and abroad.

After working in several PR agencies and at the Corriere della Sera I shifted to the fascinating world of top level caterings where I personally followed the clients in the settings of corporate and private events.

I then worked with very well known design and floral decor companies creating eye-catching high profile events.

Through the years I learned how to deal with every single aspect of events’ planning: idea, logistics, reception, staging, and artistic entertainment.

What I offer to my clients today is my expertise in the art of hospitality focusing on creativeness and on the personalization of every project that I make sure to custom realize, as if it was a tailored suit.

I also manage “Alpostotuo”, a small boutique of catering and events I founded in 2007, exclusively dedicated to private parties and receptions set in Milan.In 2010 I also conducted a couple of TV shows: “Pret à bebé” and “A casa di Letizia”, currently showing on Sky TV, Easybaby channel.



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